Wendy Davis ‘close’ to announcement

KERA reports that Wendy Davis is “close” to making a big announcement, possibly as early as this week, on her political future.

Davis, the State Senator who was swept into international fame after a 13 hour filibuster, has been making recent hints that she would forgo another run for her State Senate seat and instead seek the Democratic nomination for Governor. Despite the empty promises best efforts of many national-funded outreach groups, there have been a grand total of ZERO declared Democratic candidates for Governor for next year’s election. Accordingly, it is absolutely imperative that a competent candidate be found.

Over a month ago, Davis first made some comments that convinced me that she would run for Governor in 2014. Shortly thereafter, Robert Miller told the world that he had heard Davis would run. Davis was originally going to make an announcement by Labor Day, but postponed the announcement, to care for her ailing father, who ultimately passed away.

The KERA article provides no more useful information, instead bringing up old news once again about Davis’ low chances of election. I have always maintained that Davis’ candidacy is about much more than simply the feasibility of electoral success. Jason Stanford at the Austin American-Statesman came to the same conclusion this morning. The Statesman continues talking about whether or not Wendy will –or should– run. You can read the article for yourself, it mainly is a lot of spitballing.

We should know what Davis decides to do at some point this week, I suppose. One point the Statesman brought up is that the death of Davis’ father gives her an “out” to reverse her decision to run, therefore providing a good opportunity for to have an excuse for wealthy donors she had promised she would run to. This casts some doubt, but I still seem to think she will run.