2013 results and analysis

We’re working on trying to abridge the hours and hours of livestreamed Texpatriate election return coverage into about 20 minutes of the top hits. Yesterday, our all-time view record was demolished as thousands of people appeared to come to our website to read up on candidates before they voted. Additionally, Richard Nguyen, the victor in District F, had little impact on the internet besides his interview with Texpatriate.

First and foremost, Mayor Annise Parker was decisively re-elected to a third and final term as Mayor of Houston. She cruised to over 57% of the vote, far outpacing the amount of the vote she received in 2011. Meanwhile, Controller Ronald Green also was re-elected, albeit by a much smaller margin. The only surprises amongst City Council races were in At-large 3 and District F, respectively. Otherwise, most incumbents cruised to re-election.

All nine Statewide propositions passed, as did Harris County Proposition 1 (the joint processing center/jail). The Astrodome referendum, however, did not pass, as the iconic 8th Wonder of the World now looks condemned to demolition.

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Texpatriate endorses in District B

This board remembers, just two years ago, the incredibly acrimonious campaign in District B. Though this board did not make a selection in that election, we ultimately believed that the election of Jerry Davis would be beneficial to the community.

Unfortunately, Councilmember Davis declined to send a completed Texpatriate Questionnaire. However, this board has been pleased by many of the projects the Councilmember has worked on since taking office. Councilmember Davis often goes directly into the community to meet and work with constituents in efforts to solve problems.

A 2012 article in the Houston Chronicle noted “do-it-yourself” mentality embodied by Councilmember Davis, who tries his hardest to listen and communicate with his constituents. The article notes Davis doing long-neglected maintenance projects in the district himself, when nobody else would listen. This board was also impressed by the recent action taken by Councilmember Davis, in conjunction with Mayor Parker, to combat illegal dumping within the District.

Seeing the stellar record Councilmember Davis has compiled in his first term in office, therefore, this board is perplexed as to why there is some antipathy aimed towards him in this year’s election. Three candidates: Kathy Blueford-Daniels, Joe Joseph and Kenneth Perkins will be challenging Davis in November.

Sadly, only one of these candidates, Joe Joseph, replied to this board’s interview/questionnaire requests. During that interview, Mr Joseph claimed that Councilmember Davis’ main effondrement washis lack of broad, poorly-defined skills such as communications and leadership. This board finds such a critique utterly unmoving.

Mr Perkins has run many times for the post before, and his website does not even reflect his current candidacy. Accordingly, this board wholly discounts Mr Perkin’s candidacy.

That leaves us with Ms Blueford-Daniels, who has been endorsed by many left-wing organizations such as Democracy for Houston. This board has not seen any interview response from Ms Blueford-Daniels, nor have we seen any valid reason in any of her campaign material, that determines why the incumbent has failed.

Accordingly, this board endorses Councilmember Jerry Davis for a second term on the Houston City Council, District B.