Texpatriate endorses in CD7 Primary

We are not fans of Congressman John Culberson (R-Houston). In addition to being mean-spirited and ignorant of many of the most sensitive issues facing our country (and his district), he is just a lousy congressman. From being nowhere to be found throughout his district to introducing just a handful of bills throughout his long tenure in office, he is definitely one of the most unaccountable officeholders in the Houston areas. Irrespective of one’s political views, we believe one would be hard pressed to not acknowledge that countless men and women would do the job better than Rep. Culberson.

Unfortunately, Rep. Culberson did not draw an opponent in the Republican primary and the district is so heavily gerrymandered that Democratic victory in the general election is close to impossible. That being said, we believe there is only one candidate with the needed experience and skillset to run a competent campaign against the incumbent. This board strongly believes that candidate is James Cargas.

A lawyer with the City Attorney’s office, Mr Cargas has strong expertise within the government, and provides a working knowledge of exactly what a Congressperson would do. We believe, if elected, he would require no “on-the-job” training, so to speak. In comparison, Mr Cargas’ opponent, Lissa Squiers, has concerned us with some rookie mistakes she has made on the campaign trail.

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CD7 Primary spat

In Harris County, there are very few contested races in the Democratic primary. One of the big exceptions is in the 7th Congressional District, currently held by Congressman John Culberson. The district, a longtime Republican stronghold once held by George Bush, stretches from Jersey Village to Meyerland. In 2014, there will be two candidates vying to face off against Culberson on the Democratic line in November: James Cargas and Lissa Squiers. Both ran in 2012, and after knocking out a third candidate, advanced to a runoff election. Cargas defeated Squiers in the primary runoff with 58% of the vote, before going on to lose to Culberson in the general election by the lopsided margin of 61-36. Needless to say, whomever wins this primary is achieving little more than a Pyrrhic victory.

Cargas has now begun to launch rather harsh attacks against Squiers, his opponent in the Democratic primary. In a recent press release, Cargas alleged that she has maliciously and nefariously avoided filing disclosures with the Federal Election Committee (FEC). He went on to lament such alleged impropriety, and even compared Squiers unfavorably to Steve Stockman.

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