In re Allsbrooks

It seems Mr. Allsbrooks does have a website, as he has pointed out on a previous post of mine.

He had mentioned that his page had been around for some time, but I see on the insights of his page that he had 1 like as of September 2nd and 5 likes as of September 5th, before jumping recently to nearly 50. This is still meager compared to Perez’s 200 likes and the still unique website of Martin, who just yesterday received the endorsement of the Houston Building Owners and Managers Association.

District E update

A few days ago, I started a little discussion about the District E special election. I commented that none of the candidates had a webpage, although Elizabeth Perez did have a facebook page. Well, now front-runner Dave Martin was a webpage. It isn’t much, just an introductory biography front page that seems to have a link to donate. I would have to predict that this website will most likely grow to the standard format of most City Council campaign websites.

Lonnie Allsbrook, on the other hand, still has little correspondence of any kind. This is especially weird because of the comprehensive website and youtube presence he had in 2009.

2013 Comes Early

The astute will know that Houston City Councilmember Mike Sullivan won the GOP primary for Harris County Tax Collector a few months ago and, as promised, will resign in time for a special election in November. I’m not going to go into why Sullivan might be one of two Republicans I endorse this year, because that is a different story, but I would like to talk about the race for his successor. District E is comprised of Kingwood and Clear Lake, and such is the most conservative district in the city (Maybe “G” too). Sullivan has steered clear of being overly partisan (cough cough Mr. Berry), but I do not know if his followers will keep up the tradition.

First, there is Dave Martin. Martin is a school board member from Humble, and is quite the heavyweight of district. He is first in the ballot order and most definitely the frontrunner. Then there is Elizabeth Perez. Perez, just like everyone else, ran for the Houston City Council At-large 2 in 2011, and finished near the bottom. Evidently she is a Hispanic, Jewish Republican. She does not have a website (neither do the other candidates), but she does have a facebook page with about 180 likes (although it is rolled over from 2011). Finally, we have Lonnie Allsbrook, another retread. He ran for At-large 1 in 2009 and finished near the bottom, and has since moved from the Heights to Kingwood. Yes, Allsbrook is openly gay, but I would not so quickly categorize him as a Democrat. He endorsed the more conservative Costello in the run off in At-large 2009 after he was eliminated.

Most interesting, however, is how Kingwood dominated the candidate pool is. I guess the people of Clear Lake shouldn’t complain if they aren’t even willing to field a candidate. I believe Perez is from Meadowcreek, not Kingwood, but as she is by no means running on an anti-Kingwood platform.