Horwitz on the Far-Right

As I have discussed previously, I identify myself with the Democratic Party because it is, in my opinion, the sole reasonable political party in this country. In any other civilized country on the planet, I would find myself as a moderate or even a mild conservative. I did not leave these political philosophies, to borrow from the cliche, but this country’s definition of them left me. In recent days, I have found more evidence of this phenomenon.

The United States is the only country in the civilized world without universal, government-provided healthcare. David Cameron, the Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, calls his country’s socialized medicine program a “great national treasurer.” Even Margaret Thatcher, the great right-wing crusader of Britain, understood the importance of the program and did not dare attempt to privatize the service such that Britons would be forced to pay for healthcare. Such a position is deemed barbaric today in the British Isles.

Bearing in mind that the Democratic Party is significantly more conservative on the issue of healthcare reform than Margaret Thatcher, we come to Obamacare. The healthcare reform package, which I have never been a fan of, uses convoluted tactics to continue inputting bureaucracy into an already over-tangled private healthcare market. However, all said and done, the law does expand Medicaid for those who need it and has been shown to drastically lower premiums. Accordingly, it is better than nothing; though the GOP certainly does not think that way.

But the Republican Party does not find issue with the law from the left, as I (and, I would suspect, Margaret Thatcher) do. While my critiques of the law revolve around continuing to accommodate a privatized healthcare market that has failed the average consumer, placing an emphasis on making profit above giving successful medical treatments. Unlike that position, the Republican Party believes that Obamacare’s limited subsidies into the still-privatized healthcare market constitute a “government takeover” on the level of a Stalinist dystopia.

Not only does the Republican Party believe that Obamacare will be the end of life as we know it for the American people, they are so loyal to the position that they are actually willing to end life as we know it for the American people in a futile attempt to rescind the progress of the law. Ted Cruz, my State’s lovably McCarthyesque Senator, has now made a name for himself in leading his self-culled lollipop guild in forcing a provision to completely defund Obamacare to be a part of any bill to keep the government open, or to raise the debt ceiling.

As I have recalled in previous statements, I have many close friends who much prefer to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to politics, and equivocate as to their political philosophy. In a lazy attempt to be evenhanded for evenhandedness’ sake, they confide that they see the merits of both political parties, while roundly criticizing the extremists like Cruz. However, to once again borrow the outdated colloquialism, the idiots have taken over the asylum. House Speaker John Boehner, arguably the most powerful Republican officeholder in the United States, thrust his support onto a now-passed bill that tethers the defunding of the healthcare reform measure to continued funding of the government. Cruz influenced Boehner, they are the mainstream of the Republican Party!

As I have said during both previous debt ceiling showdowns, when Republicans play tricks like this, they take the economy hostage. Unfortunately for them, the United States of America does not negotiate with terrorists.

So, in recap, for all who still decide to play the idiotic ruse of balance for balance’s sake, remember this. The Republican Party is operating two great leagues to the right of the most conservative leader modern Britain has ever had, and are willing to bring about a worldwide economic disaster in order to accomplish these far-right goals.