I promise the only post about Oklahoma

I know I should be writing about Texas, but this is so gosh darn interesting. A few months ago, I went to the very bottom of Oklahoma with my family to go fishing at Lake Texoma. We stayed at a little hotel on the border with Texas that had local news from the sooner state. Just as I was about to doze off, getting ready for an early rise, I witnessed a commercial that possibly renewed my faith in the electorate.

It was a federal prosecutor named Rob Wallace. He was running in the Democratic Primary for congress, Dan Boren’s seat to be specific. Boren is about as blue dog as blue dogs get: he voted for, among other things: Cut, Cap, and Kill Medicare, and the “Forcible Rape” bill. His district, OK-2, has a rating of R+14. Now, Boren was able to avoid the fate of the similarly situated Chet Edwards when it came to 2010, Boren was re-elected with 56% of the vote. However, he seemed to not have a big appetite for another challenge, so he announced his retirement, and it seemed that the only Democratic district in Oklahoma was lost.

But then a ray of hope came on the television at the La Quinta: Rob Wallace. This southern looking, southern sounding gentleman explained clearly to the camera that we favored main street over wall street and that corporations were not people. A genteel, less smelly of the message of Occupy Wall Street, and the people ran with it. For the record, I think Wallace is pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and open about religion and politics, but he is the type of populist that the Democrats need to win. I immediately followed his facebook page when I got home.

Tonight, Rob Wallace defeated his opponent with 57% of the vote to win the Democratic nomination for Boren’s seat. What’s more, over 43,000 people voted in the Democratic runoff, while only 21,000 voted in the Republican runoff. Even moreso, the race is now listed as a tossup. I am thinking about donating a few bucks to this guy, and I am definitely going to keep on watching.