Licenses for undocumented immigrants

The Trib is reporting on a bill being considered in a State House Committee, which evidently has bipartisan support, to give Driver’s Licenses to undocumented immigrants.

HB 3206 of Rep. Roberto Alonzo (D-Dallas) heard testimony from the House State Affairs Committee. The committee looks like it is split 8-5 (it presumably has the support of the other four Democrats), but is also notably has the backing of Chairman Byron Cook (R-Corsicana). 

The Tribune article keeps referring to these special undocumented immigrant licenses as “Driving Permits,” but it isn’t the same type of “permit” I got when I was 15. This would be, as far as I could figure out, a license in all but name. They would be obtained after fingerprinting, background checks and $150 in fees. The article also mentions a GOP-aligned organization called “Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy” (I’ve never heard of it), which supports the bill.

Cook seemed to be optimistic for the bill’s chances. I think it’s a good step in the right direction, too.