Poll day

All those lucky citizens in SD06, make sure to hit the polls today! The special election to succeed the late-Senator Gallegos is now underway. I believe the polls close at 7PM, so I will be posting some live results as they filter in. So, without further ado, one final look at the candidates.

Carol Alvarado
Endorsed by Senator Gallegos on his deathbed, as well as the late-Senator’s widow, Alvarado, a State Representative and former City Councilmember, has the backing of much of the Hispanic establishment, including Councilmember James Rodriguez.

Sylvia Garcia
Endorsed by Mayor Parker and State Rep. Jessica Farrar, Garcia, a former County Commissioner, City Controller, and Judge, is the favorite of most City Hall aficionados.

R.W. Bray
The Republican in the race. Also the Republican who lost in November. Now, I know SD06 is really liberal, and it made sense to posthumously elect Gallegos so that there would be a special election, but losing an election to a dead person just destroys your political reputation.

Now, I live in SD17, so I don’t have to vote in this race, thus, I am not endorsing. I don’t especially care which Democrat wins this seat, I just like to watch the game. I suppose, then, you could say this is like the Superbowl for me this year.

Noriega to NOT run

There are a few circumstances that have severely mitigated how well and time-sensitive I have been writing recently. Between Hanukkah and Final Exams, I do not have much extra time, which means I am quite late with this one, so my apologies.

Off the Kuff is reporting that Rick Noriega will not run in the special election for SD06, which has yet to be called. This announcement leaves Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado as the only remaining Democratic candidates in the heavily liberal district. Also, that “poll” that Councilmember Rodriguez was talking about, I could never find it, though I heard it was released by Bob Stein at Rice, who tends to be somewhat accurate.

There’s polling, maybe

Councilmember James Rodriguez posted something on his personal facebook not too long ago

Latest poll in SD 6 race: Alvarado 42% Garcia 34%. Way 2 go Carol

So, in addition to being able to put Rodriguez firmly in the Alvarado column, it raises the suspicion that there is actually a poll out there. Comments on his status asking for a link have not been responded to as of now. I will probably just update this page when I have more info.