But suddenly, a new contender has emerged

As was put so eloquently by another blogger on his Facebook page yesterday, somebody said something stupid at the City Council, and it wasn’t Councilmember Brown.

Councilmember Jack Christie has Houston politicos scratching their heads over how someone who used to be on a School Board could say something SO ignorant and just plain stupid.

The Chronicle reported that he voted against allocating money for flu vaccines because the federal money being appropriated was “borrowed” and because, and I quote–“You don’t die from the flu.” I don’t even. Christie went on to say that the flu shots create “synthetic immunity” and urged people to not take the flu shots, just like he does.

For the record, even though “Dr. Jack Christie” holds himself out as one, he isn’t a real doctor, not a “MD” or “DO” anyways. He’s a chiropractor. The Chronicle article goes on to quote ACTUAL doctors who totally repudiate Christie’s claims. Almost nothing of what he said is true.

This brings me back to what I was discussing last week. Why is nobody running against this guy?? He was the lone dissenter in a vote that Helena Brown voted for. He has taken the crown, at least for the week, of “craziest Councilmember” from Ms Brown. For context on the title of this post, see the youtube link below.


“I am not a Liberal”

My roommate has an alarm that consistently goes off in the early morning, irrespective of whether he gets up or not. The alarm is a song that beginning with the audible word of “Craziness” before descending into a sub-par Chinese song that is unintelligible to me.

Well, that seemed to be what last night’s debate was like. I keenly remember Sadler calling Cruz “crazy” a few times, and then the event drifted into gibberish and pedantic drek. The two did not seem to get to very much policy, which was somewhat disappointing, but traded quite a few ad hominems and other oddly placed insults, jabs, and gibes.

In re the Seinfeld Reference:
In what I cannot overstate enough tarnished my respect for Paul Sadler, he took the bait and took offense to Ted Cruz calling him a “liberal”. This has always reminded me of the Seinfeld scene where Kramer accuses Jerry of being discriminatory against dentists. The fact is that Ted Cruz is simply calling his opponent by his political affiliation. It makes Sadler look quite weak when we runs away from honest labels like a scared, little mutt. If he had any real chutzpah, he would explain what it means to be a Liberal (e.g., have a heart like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton) and why a Liberal would be good for our state. Instead, he legitimized Cruz’s preposterous insult by simply refuting it on face value.

Kramer: …and you’re an anti-Dentite
Cruz: “I commend my opponent’s courage in running an unapologetically liberal campaign”

Jerry: I am not an anti-Denite!
Sadler: “Do you consider it Liberal to say we have to pay down the national debt?”

Yes, Paul, yes I do find it Liberal to be concerned with our deficits. The last true Liberal we had as President did exactly that, but I digress. With this stupid turn, the Democrats have taken the bait and lost their 9th Senate election in a row in Texas.