The Democratic slate

UPDATED 11/30: David Alameel to run for Senate; scroll to bottom.

About a month ago, we ran a tombstone on the cover and declared that “Democrats have surrendered the capacity to run competitive races for 2014 offices.” Perhaps that was a little harsh, and the jury might still be out on how competitive at least some of these races will end up being. Please note that I do not believe that any Democrat could actually win next year in a statewide race, but multiple races could end up being closer than 5 points, a far cry from what I was willing to admit just 30 days ago.

Since then, three major actions have occurred,all of which have renew a limited sense of optimism towards the future. The first is that State Senator Leticia Van de Putte (D-Bexar County), who announced she would run for Lieutenant Governor next year. When our “Tombstone article” was published in October, Van de Putte had been painfully silent for a very long period of time, and many had concluded that she would not end up running to lead the Senate. At that time, Maria Luisa Alvarado, the Democrat’s 2006 nominee for Lieutenant Governor and a political novice, had just announced her candidacy. At a time when the Republican candidates –all White men– keeping sliding further and further to the right, the right Democrat could have a very successful impact. While Alvarado would be sure to lose by double-digits, Van de Putte has the ability to make this a competitive election (within 5 points). This was more or less the point of Ross Ramsey’s recent Texas Tribune column on the Lieutenant Governor’s campaign.

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2014 Statewide update

Over the next few days, I will be updating the 2014 Election page to reflect the updated Statewide races, and then the local Harris County races. That being said, I want to run through each of the non-judicial Statewide races to briefly note all the candidate (especially the Republicans running).

In the gubernatorial election, Attorney General Greg Abbott looks poised to run off with the Republican nomination without a runoff (pun intended). His opponents most notably include Tom Pauken, the former Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, but also include Larry Kilgore, a secessionist advocate. Miriam Martinez, a former television personality, is also running as a Republican. Her campaign has swung significantly to the left of the establishment Republicans, advocating for things such as the legalization of medical marijuana. Lisa Fritsch, a Tea Party activist, will also run.

Apart from the Republican candidates, there are two libertarians running: Kathie Glass and Lee Wrights. State Senator Wendy Davis is also running as the only Democratic candidate in the race (and, very likely, the only one come the end of filing).

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