Empty seats

It’s a slow day in the news, so I am going to talk about something that really isn’t current or even especially relevant. In next year’s statewide GOP primaries, we have a plethora of politicians running for a minuscule number of positions. Worst case scenario, we have Abbott & Perry vying for Governor, and Dewhurst, Staples, Patterson & Combs running for Lieutenant Governor. That leaves Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, and Comptroller as empty seats.

Now, it seems that, if our Governor isn’t talking out of his butt again, Abbott will not run for Governor, but that could very easily mean he would run for Lieutenant Governor. Either way, we are (most likely) looking at 4 open positions. Only one of those offices, Land Commissioner, has seen any movement among prospective candidates (George P. Bush).

That leaves the question: who is running for all these seats? I’m not going to pontificate over this, making predictions, because (as my friends keep reminding me), they are usually wrong.

Midterm shuffle

Midterm shuffle

First off, I have not been writing much of recent. There are two reasons for this. First, nothing really goes on in local politics around Christmastime, but much more pressing, I have been on a vacation. I just got back to Boston yesterday, and after a stressful night (the airline lost my luggage), I have finally settled back into the swing of things. Fortunately, that means I will be back to my schedule of about 7-9 articles during the schoolweek, and one on Saturday. Now, for the fun, enter General Abbott.

WFAA, the ABC affiliate for the metroplex, is running a story about our dear Attorney General, saying that he is telling big money donors that he is running for Governor. The sharks are officially in the water. Just like Staples and Patterson and Combs jumping on Dewhurst after they smelled the blood from the failed Senate bid, Abbott is biting Perry after his embarrassing quest for President. So, this sets off what I like to call the “midterm shuffle.” For this, I would like to talk about two categories: People & Titles.

In the people department, we have Rick Perry, David Dewhurst, Greg Abbott, Jerry Patterson, Todd Staples, Susan Combs, George P. Bush, and probably a few more as the year goes on. In the title department, we have Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, and Comptroller.

Perry is officially, unofficially running again in 2014. There is a rather humorous twitter page for the presumptive campaign here. Otherwise, there really is not very much legitimate literature on the Governor’s plans.

Dewhurst is, however, officially officially running for re-election next year. Patterson & Staples are running against him. Meanwhile, Combs is still unofficially unofficially running for the position.

The Agriculture Commissioner’s office and the Attorney General’s office looks vacant then, as does the Comptroller’s is Combs decides, indeed, to run. Last but certainly not least, George P. Bush is unofficially, officially running for Land Commissioner. If this is started to make your head hurt too, you’re in good company.

Poor Dave

Poor Dave, poor Dave, he has all the money and none of the power.

Worth an estimated $200 million, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst drastically outspent his opponent, Ted Cruz, in the GOP primary for US Senator. He still lost, though, and by large margins.

While this is certainly one of the few exceptions to the golden rule (He with the gold makes the rules), it causes one to wonder about the integrity of any campaign in the future by Dewhurst. A lot people pontificated that Dewhurst would eventually challenge Perry in the primary, but most have moved away from that view.

Just after the July 31st defeat, mum was the word on Dewhurst’s political future. However, it is now being widely reported that David Dewhurst will run for re-election in 2014. This seems all good, but for one small problem. Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples told the Texas Tribune that he is in “no matter who’s running”. Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is already all in, website and all. Further, some are speculating Comptroller Susan Combs will run for the number two post. Dewhurst losing re-election would be simply humiliating, but perhaps humiliation on the other side is what the Democrats need.